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All sounds are in MP3 format to make things smaller and faster to download. If you don't already have an MP3 player then I recommend you download winamp 2 for free.

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CharacterSeriesEpisodeSound TitleSize
Series 2Ep. 1Theme tune from Series 2278k
Series 3Ep. 1Theme tune 2003 (Series 3)430k
Series 3Ep. 3Geoff at Euston Theme461k
Ally WellesSeries 2Ep. 3Richard III428k
Alvin SteeleSeries 2Ep. 2Jump leads for one24k
Chloe & Radclyffe Denton TwinsSeries 2Ep. 2The Dentons' "Hygene" Song825k
Chris FrostSeries 2Ep. 5Being a store detective ...95k
Chris FrostSeries 2Ep. 5Be very wary of wheelchairs115k
Chris FrostSeries 2Ep. 5... where would i conceal it?60k
Chris FrostSeries 2Ep. 5Why is this thus94k
Chris FrostSeries 2Ep. 5Be very wary of prams150k
Dr Matthew ChinnerySeries 2Ep. 2Plenty more fish in the sea182k
Edward TattsyrupSeries 2Ep. 3Twelfty!166k
Geoff TippsSeries 1Ep. 5I won the Mums!160k
Harvey DentonSeries 2Ep. 2The Dentons' "Hygene" Song825k
Henry PortraitSeries 2Ep. 3Richard III428k
Herr LippSeries 2Ep. 2Hi! and Welcome to Royston Vasey426k
Iain CashmoreSeries 2Ep. 3I didn't force her!245k
Les McQueenSeries 1Ep. 5Heeey, I play rhythm guitar!249k
Mickey MichaelsSeries 2Ep. 6I want a Fire Engine!79k
Pamela Doove??Owange jooz - Part 3378k
Pamela Doove??Owange jooz - Part 1354k
Pamela Doove??Owange jooz - Part 4302k
Pamela Doove??Owange jooz - Part 2209k
Papa LazarouSeries 2Ep. 1Tell them the circus is coming to town!85k
Papa LazarouSeries 2Ep. 1Hello Dave!99k
Papa LazarouSeries 2Ep. 1Autom Sprau119k
Papa LazarouSeries 2Ep. 1This is just a saga now.70k
Papa LazarouSeries 2Ep. 1Lets get out of here!44k
Papa LazarouSeries 2Ep. 1Do you wanna buy some pegs, dave?114k
Papa LazarouSeries 2Ep. 1You're my wife now!51k
Pauline Campbell-JonesSeries 1Ep. 1Brainstorming session42k
Pauline Campbell-JonesSeries 1Ep. 1Paulines Pens149k
Pauline Campbell-JonesSeries 2Ep. 3Flickin myself off to Trisha63k
PopSeries 2Ep. 2Kinder Egg99k
PopSeries 2Ep. 2The Assmasster209k
PopSeries 2Ep. 3Sign you name181k
PopSeries 2Ep. 2I'm hot for you Patricia56k
Reenie CalverSeries 2Ep. 6Merrill & the bag303k
Reenie CalverSeries 2Ep. 6That Merrill!73k
Ross GainesSeries 2Ep. 3Flickin myself off to Trisha63k
Tubbs TattsyrupSeries 2Ep. 2I can, I can't!78k
Tubbs TattsyrupSeries 2Ep. 3Twelfty!166k
Val DentonSeries 2Ep. 2The Dentons' "Hygene" Song825k
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