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Series 2 - Episode 1

Hello Dave? Would you like to see some pictures? there's some nice ones of me and my wife. But, those twins really freak me out.

Series 2 - Episode 2

Please to know that all the people's heads are still dripping with goo, and there is something quite shocking in Tubb's upstairs department, Jesus Christ!

Series 2 - Episode 3

Hokey Cokey Pig in a Pokey! That Ross really makes my skin crawl, but I'm not taking it from him. I'll make him pay for what he's done to me, the vindictive little sod.

Series 2 - Episode 4

You're Pop is so good to you, look at all these pictures I've slapped together. I will hardly ever ask for anything in return.

The Gents

Snaps of the gents "off duty" winning awards and things, lucky people.

Series 2 - Episode 5

Dis is the episode where Creme Brulee gets back together, Dr Chinnery kills a bird and three men are lost in the woods oh and Pauline gets arrested, Sorry Pauline!

Series 2 - Episode 6

Today, David and the no tail are getting married! It's so exciting and Edward has dug someone out of the ground especially. Oh but who are all these angry people? They weren't invited...


Some stills from 'Dr.' Reece's BBC hospital comedy.

Series 1 - Episode 1

Welcome to Royston Vasey! Don't be afraid, be very afraid! Come and meet the Dentons, browse around in the Local Shop and if you need a ride Barbara's your man, just!

Series 1 - Episode 2

This episode was so funny I nearly wet me knickers! Les Mcqueen has got as much chance of finding musical talent as Pop does finding a leagal supplier of Maverick bars!

Series 1 - Episode 3

Well, they've started building the road in Royston Vasey. I can't say I relish the though of all those new customers though, it's hard enough keeping Maurice from shouting it at the roof tops. I'll have to take steps!

Series 1 - Episode 4

Don't worry Tubbs well keep those outsiders from building their road. Legz Akimbo are coming to town they'll scare them away, and if that doesn't work we'll invite them to stay at the Denton's.

Series 1 - Episode 5

This seems like a fairly typical scenario. Geoff's friend Mike get's married, Geoff does the speech and pulls a gun on him. Personally I'd have exercised a little more caution in selecting a best man, but each to their own.

Series 1 - Episode 6

I'm glad to be a part of Barbara's big day, should be a bit like castrating a bull, that's what the book says anyway. Oh, and it looks like Geoff will need some minor surgery too, I think he's dead!?

Christmas Special

Line dancing nightmares, bald Vampires and Curses.

"Oh you're Santa's wife now!"

Series 3 - Episode 1

The gang are back for a third installment, but what the hell happened to the Local Shop, and where are Tubbs and Edward??

Series 3 - Episode 2

"The One Armed Man is King!"

Series 3 - Episode 3

Series 3 - Episode 4

Series 3 - Episode 5

Series 3 - Episode 6

Nighty Night

Snaps of Mark Gatiss perfecting his comedy twitch in the black BBC2 humour of Nighty Night.
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