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Re: League 2017 Specials - HERE THERE BE SPOILERS

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:42 pm
by Beast
Voodoo Lady wrote:OMG, I literally shouted, "It's bag music!"

Honestly, all three episodes were pretty perfect, right from the start. The callback to Ben's train journey in Series 1 was genius, especially because it took a moment for the penny to drop, and just as I was thinking, "Wait, that means Auntie Val is--" the camera panned to reveal her. I shouted, "Hooray!" and may even have applauded a little.

I loved how they handled Barbera. I thought it was decent of them to acknowledge that things have changed and that now that we know better, we must try to do better. And all that while managing to keep things light and funny.

And Bernice done up like the Queen with the hair and the perpetual handbag, etc.

I also dug how they did nods to so many fan fave characters that they just didn't have time to work into the main storyline.

And OMG, Pauline! That moment outside the "Restart" room about broke my heart.

There was so much more, of course, and so many great lines. I could be here all day!
Yes to all this! So many nods which were thrilling. And yet new craziness to enjoy. Makes me feel like they could come back at any time and still be amazing which shows what geniuses (genii as I like to say) they are. And the end exchange between Benjamin and Val = heart eyed emoji that I can’t find here.

I’m gutted re Pauline though.

Re: League 2017 Specials - HERE THERE BE SPOILERS

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:51 pm
by ratgirl
The first time I saw the opening to the first episode it made me feel the same sense of nostalgia and excitement as at the opening of "The Force Awakens"! I nearly shed a tear. I thought the nostalgic parts were really well pitched. I loved the way every time something harked back to the original and didn't seem quite right (the Pauline sketch and Legz Akimbo being particular examples), there was a tragic reason why.

I think my favourite sketches were the ones that had that sense of the tragic - other than the above, the bingo man (beautifully written and acted) and also Geoff (who despite being his usual ridiculous OTT self nonetheless had a real sense of desperation). The sketches that didn't work so well were those that tried too hard to extra weird the characters. While the beginning and end of the Dentons storyline worked, it just wasn't particularly funny in the middle. And the Pop/Ritchie stuff ruined Pop's creepiness a bit. Pop is terrifyingly creepy because he's very believable, but they took it too far for him to remain believable. Though I did quite like the end of the sketch (murdery Reece is always adorable).

Personally the bit I liked least was Barbara, which I found uncomfortable. By making Barbara antagonistic about pronouns, they made her seem unreasonable and I actually thought it did the opposite of what they intended - came across as defensive of the character rather than apologetic, as if the only reason people might not like it is because they're too militant, rather than because the Gents might have misrepresented trans people. Actually, watching back, I think original Barbara works almost better today than the re-write - the joke is that everything she says is too much information, not that she's trans. After all, anyone who refers to her as a man or if offensive is presented as being in the wrong and mostly people just accept her the way she is. Today she kind of seems like she represents widespread cis assumptions about trans people. Hey ho.

Anyway, this probably all comes across as more critical than I am. Overall there was a LOT I loved!!

Re: League 2017 Specials - HERE THERE BE SPOILERS

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 9:22 pm
by Beast
I’d say that it was something done to Pop, not him doing something (if you’re referring to the catching him in a bottle/jar) so to me it was something a bit absurd to end it rather than taking anything away from how real he could be.

I didn’t see the Barbara stuff like that either. I didn’t think she was any more antagonistic than she always was. I think they had to reference the prevalence of trans issues at the moment. I see where you’re coming from though.

Yes, the tragic stuff was poignant as ever. Live show spoiler I’m so pleased with the Pauline continuation in the live show as I couldn’t actually bear it to end like that for her. Genuine sadness at that. So yay! Thanks guys. Although I was too busy being happy I’m not 100% clear what her scam was?