I would like to thank the Gents for....

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Post by serafina pekkala » Fri May 30, 2008 6:54 pm

I would like to thank the Gents for:

- Good telly. Nuff said. :)

- This community. Although I get busy (not in that way ...:) ) i come back and can always laugh cos the banter is good. More than good - often comedic genius! And there is always a place to share whatever and get decent feedback.

- And for helping me come into contact with some superb, funny and delightful people. Some people are simply good, valuable friends and trust them implicitly. Some of you I haven't met but know I would like very much too.

Cheers, dudes! My cylon heart is slightly lukewarm now. ;)

Sefi x

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Post by Beast » Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:41 pm

*Only just finds this thread :roll: *

Yeah, I'm going to be echoey too.

TLOG was one of my first obsessions too and therefore helped make me the way I am. And I got obsessed because of its utter never-dipping quality throughout every single Gents thing. I was astounded and blown away by the acting and still am. And yes, they made comedy evolve and as a connoisseur, I (and the rest of the World!) have to be really grateful for that. I had seen Spaced but appearances by the Gents (as well as my flatmates new obsession with it) made me want to rewatch it and from there SOTD and Hot Fuzz as people have said. The best British films for years and years! Other stuff starring the Gents introduced me to others from the comedy scene and expanded my comedy experiences. (I sound so stupid but you know what I mean! :lol: )

But most of all, this place. I'd never joined a forum before but had the need to find likeminded people to appreciate TLOG with. I never in a million years expected to find a community of friends who I could discuss anything and everything with. It's so good to talk with other such lusty, excitable and obsessive people and be stupid and silly and make each other laugh. This place brightened up my life and I really think I'll never leave! It was also the catalyst for me going to Hadfield which I probably would never have done alone. I look forward to meeting you all again and getting to know you even more. I don't think there is another place like this in the whole world!
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Re: I would like to thank the Gents for....

Post by IrisKrell » Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:44 pm

Great thread!

I want to thank them for being so inspirational.. none of them are from posh/privileged backgrounds and look at what they've done! They've given me hope that I can do good things with my life :D

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Re: I would like to thank the Gents for....

Post by BabaLazarou » Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:04 pm

So far (as I am sure there will be many more ocasions for thanking in the future), I would like to thank the gents for -

1) Helping me find inspiration in my surroundings. Watching LOG has really highlighted how exceptionally odd and interesting a lot of people I know are, even though I hate some of them.
2) Inspiring me to take up acting, making more art, & start writing my own scripts and things. Anything to get the creative juices flowing!
3) Making me laugh.
4) Getting me into & appreciating old horror movies. Yes, old films are actually better than a lot of the shit they show today.
5) Both Psychoville and the show itself. They have claimed a place in my life and I am proud to have them there.
6) Reece. Admittedly he is scary sometimes, but his characters are brilliant, and he is an amazing actor. (god damnit I wish I could have seen him in Ghost Stories, but I'm too far away from LONDONNN! to just pop down there)
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