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Anthony 'Neds' Needham

Name:Anthony 'Neds' Needham
Weapon of choice: Galvanized Paperclips
Monthly Subscription: Max Power Magazine
Hates: Bicycles and Evildo-ers

Mark Gatiss
Neds' nervous disposition and extrodinarily low IQ have pushed him into a virtual world and the shadowy flight of a man who does not exist. Armed with a child-like perception that he is a real-life crime fighter and a B-reg Fiat Uno modded to the hilt, Ned's drags himself to a sticky end. But not before he enlisted the help of his trusty side-kick, Tristian. Only Maxipower can save them now! I hope it's brought his medication.

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Anthony 'Neds' Needham Quotes
  • "I don't know if they'll pop a villans tyres, she said they might."
  • "She's alive Tris, MaxiPower's ALIVE!!"

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