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Occupation: Newsagent, Strip club owner and all round entrepreneur
Favourite film: 'The Ass Master', Watershipdown
Favourite confectionary: King Size Mars Bar

Steve Pemberton
Pop is the towns revolting newsagent and landlord, who spy's on his tenants with CCTV and has a bit of a drink problem. He is obsessed with sex... well porn magazines anyway. He has two sons, Rich and Al. Al is the successful one and Rich is the disowned useless one, who allows nine Maverick bars to be stolen from his news stand! (discraceful!).

Pop wasn't in the first series much, but returned with a vengance in the second series to scare away Al's girlfriend and bully people (Gary and Lyn) into becoming tenants.

Profile by 'rarara'

Kinder Egg
I'm hot for you Patricia
The Assmasster
Sign you name

Pop Quotes
  • "Something happen today... ...something good!"
  • "You're a lucky man Gary! A lucky, lucky man."
  • "I'm Hot for you Patricia!"
  • "4444244"
  • "We gonna be good friends me and you Lynne ... Gooood friends"

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