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Mickey Michaels

Name:Mickey Michaels
Mental Age: 2
Studied: The inside of his eyelids
Ambition: To be a fireman

Mark Gatiss
Mickey is quite simply the village idiot and is never likely to get a steady job, just be thankful that your taxes keep him happily on the dole as he'd probably do more harm than good in employment. Not that he doesn't have ambitions though, in fact his life's dream is to drive a fire engine, but I think he should stick to the radio controlled ones, (perhaps as a contestant on Robot Wars?!).

A little known fact about Mickey is that he discovered DNA or as he calls it the National Dyslexics Association. He has been on more restart courses than Pauline has pens. He thinks the capital of France is wine and thinks he likes Pauline which is why he bought her a pen. Pauline and Mickey later married but she was unfaithful (trollop)! with Ross (of all people) just before the Wedding.

Although Mickey will never get a job he can spell two thirds of the word 'Job.' His mum died but he still claims her dole money and his greatest fear is the dole money being stopped. His I.Q. may be on the minus side but everyone loves him. - "Mickey Luv!"

Profile by 'Saucy Sal'

I want a Fire Engine!

Mickey Michaels Quotes
  • "You don't have to come here if you work Ross."
  • "Be gentle with me Pauline!"

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