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Les McQueen

Name:Les McQueen
Occupation: Hospital Careworker / Radio DJ / Aspiring rock artist
Special skills: Rhythmn guitar
Favourite record: Top twenty hits of the lost era - "Songs you thought you'd forgotten!"

Mark Gatiss
Heeeeeeeey! It's Les Mcqueen, sadly one of life's little calamities, the sort of person that gets urinated on by a dog whilst another wins the lottery. An original member of the colourful band Creme Brulee, who's style and flare are still firmly stuck in the 60s. Les was a born rhythmn guitarist and never lacked the enthusiasm to make it as a rock legend, although the rest of the band weren't quite as sure. Alas, Les couldn't be there to witness the peak of the band's success, in fact when Les turned up to an empty studio to start work on the second album he realised he'd obviously been given the wrong address.

Well, 20 or so years later and Les now has a thriving career working with people, mainly old people, old and infirm, but doing his part for the community none-the-less. Such are the opportunities of his position that he sometimes gets to re-live old memories by DJing some of his old band records. Clearly the flame of rock'n'roll burns bright in Les and he still hopes for that day when he can play rhythmn guitar in front of a screaming audience once more!

Heeey, I play rhythm guitar!

Les McQueen Quotes
  • "Heeeeeeeeeeey!"
  • "It's a sh!t business!"

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