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Judee Levinson

Name:Judee Levinson
Marital Status: Widower - But pretends otherwise
Career: Runs a massage parlour with Charlie Hull called Spit 'n' Polish - Its a beauty salon too but not much call for that in Royston Vasey
Hobbies: Going on holiday 6-7 times per year Scoring points against Iris her cleaner and mother (or was it father)

Reece Shearsmith
Look up the word 'snob' in the dictionary and chances are that Judee Levinson will get a mention. You get the impression that she employs Iris Krell as her cleaner just to make herself feel better about her own life.

Judee's husband Eddie died of a heart attack years ago but she kept up the pretence that he still takes her on holiday 6 or 7 times per year whilst in reality she spends time in a local hotel. Her daughter has an eating disorder and has been sectioned and kept in hospital where she is undergoing treatment - but it's not something Judee likes to discuss.

She sees Iris as the underdog - having very little money, ten children and living on a council estate but Iris teaches her that you don't have to be rich to be happy and have a good time. Eventhough she sees herself so far above Iris in the food chain she seems obsessed about the lifestyle Iris has perfected. She knows every move Iris makes and if she hasn't any gossip on her she invents some. (Iris soon puts her right though).

All in all Judee is a very insecure person who is jealous of those who have fun and happy relationships with their spouse. She even fancied Charlie whilst working with him and thought he would be a pushover because he's not exactly living in luxury but he pointed out that he is a married man. He was dismissed soon after that. Get a life Judee - preferably one of your own!

Profile by 'Saucy Sal'

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Judee Levinson Quotes
  • "Marks & Spencers have wiped me out - It's not like it used to be. People treat it like a supermarket now!"
  • "I remember when you had your mum staying and she needed help being put to bed - no one expected Ron to jump in after her!"
  • "He's not a sophisticated man you must admit - he looks like a shaved monkey in a track suit. I always imagine him in a cage, swinging in a tyre, chucking his shit at the wall!"
  • "Did I tell you that we're flying club class? And that doesn't mean you get a free biscuit!"

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