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Harvey Denton

Name:Harvey Denton
Life Philosphy: A clean home is a happy home
Favourite species of frog: WHAT? You mean TOADS, frogs are dirty and disgusting creatures
Biggest wish, e.g. World peace etc.: A self lowering toilet seat :D

Steve Pemberton

The Dentons' "Hygene" Song

Harvey Denton Quotes
  • "A dirty brush is a useless brush!"
  • "Its just that in this house we leave our shoes in the lobby, underneath the barometer"
  • "You may give a toad a wart but a toad may not give a wart to you."
  • "In this house we do not use the 'F' word... This is a Toad!"
  • "Doubtless you've een in the bathroom, spraying your belly with hot white love piss!"

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