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Papa Lazarou

Name:Papa Lazarou
Special skills: Gargling with industrial strength cleaning products.
Hobbies/Interests: Wife collecting.
Previous Occupation: Door to door peg salesman.

Reece Shearsmith
Many a wife has cursed the day when Papa Lazarou swanked into town. A seemingly typical "travelling person" with his Pandemonium Carnival in tow is a good cover for Lazarou's favourite hobby, collecting wives!

If you saw him walking down the street you'd think he was some kind of panda impressionist, but he'd soon have you're ring off and you'd be netted and caged with the rest of them! "You're my wife now!". His voice would sound deep and raspy as though his voice box had been scarred through a mis-spent childhood swallowing jellyfish.

Lazarou also has a fixation with calling people Dave, whether they were christened it or not! perhaps that was his mum's name.

I've seen series 3 but still don't understand what exactly it is he does with all his wives, other than swap make-up ideas. Guess you'll have to watch it yourself and make up your own mind.

Autom Sprau
Do you wanna buy some pegs, dave?
Hello Dave!
Lets get out of here!
Tell them the circus is coming to town!
This is just a saga now.
You're my wife now!

Papa Lazarou Quotes
  • "...tell them the circus is coming to town."
  • "Would you like to buy some pegs Dave?"
  • "There was a block in you toilet, but it's o.k., I've fixed it now."
  • "Autom-sprou-canda-tickbana-sandwor-budnorsellaswie?"
  • "Hello Daaave?"
  • "You're my wife now, Dave!"

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